Mahlwerck Magalog 2017

Das Content Marketing Konzept von Mahlwerck Porzellan umspannt alle Medien und nimmt mit dem gedruckten Magalog besonders Rücksicht auf die B2B Zielgruppe. Auf ca. der Hälfte der Seiten wird im Magazin Markenaufbau und -pflege mit Hilfe von redaktionellen Inhalten betrieben,
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When thinking of the future of online marketing in 2010 I came up with a concept that kind of predicted the content marketing boom. My credo was »Content is king. Context the queen.«







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Assistra AG Website

Assistra AG

Project for an IT company that specialized in professional backup solutions.

After a workshop with the team of Assistra AG I wrote the marketing concept with a solid positioning
With my team I realised:

  • Design
  • Programming of CMS
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The Studiosus Guide

 Studiosus is Germany’s leading provider of cultural excursions.

They have a special concept of their travel guides and our task was to communicate this fact and integrate it into the Studiosus DNA.
The concept is still being used today. Just

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Portraits in Terry Style

The style of Terry Richardson’s photos brings a modern authentic approach to portraits. A shooting has to work very fast with the danger of an uncertain outcome. The interesting thing about it is that you have to work very close

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